jueves, 19 de agosto de 2010

Mensaje de apoyo a la Coalición Pro Bosque Seco Ventanas Verraco desde Japón

Dear Friends in Puerto Rico,

I am a Japanese journalist. I have been involved in wind energy issues for three years.

I support your anti-wind-fight.

In Japan a lot of wind turbines are threatening birds, wild life, natural forests and people nearby. Though some media cover the issues recently, most Japanese still believe that wind farms are clean and green.

The Japanese government has just started a survey on wind turbine noise. But I am not sure if they will take proper measures to solve the problem after they finish the survey. I suspect they are doing the survey just to deny the adverse health effects of low frequency noise from wind turbines.

I hope your fight will be successful and governments all over the world will change the policy on renewable energy.

With best regards,

Yuki Tsuruta Oike

Yokohama Japan


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